Website Management Committee

In today’s world people no more scavenge through bulky yellow pages to search for information of their interest - whether it is an address of a company, searching and applying for employment, learning new skills and experiences, etc. They rather go online to the sea of information at a click of a mouse. Online information is easily and more economically accessed 24/7. Internet has revolutionized the way people connect and access and share information across the globe. For business alike educational and spiritual establishments a web presence has become a fundamental part of success.

The Hohite Semay Saint Mary Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church employs online media not only for sharing and spreading text scriptures and written messages but also for streaming video and audio media so that our members and other Christian communities will access weekly teaching and hymns. Our website will enable our members not only to connect and commune with each other or to congregate by use of internet technology but also to link with clergies and members of other orthodox churches around the world. As followers of Christ we spread the Gospel of Christ and encourage nonbelievers to seek the healing powers of His love.

It is with these principles and objectives that the Website Building Committee was setup at the beginning of 2012. The committee is mandated with the building and maintenance of the church's website in accordance with the Ethiopian Orthodox faith.

Mark 16:15
And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.